I am an average middle class, middle aged, American who is fed up with the left and their antics.  I am not a powerful member of the media nor am I a politician of any sort.  I am too busy working to travel the country “protesting”.  I don’t have a multi-billionaire funding my cause.

All I want are elections to be honest an honored.  I want the political offices to be respected more than the holder of that office.  I want the American public to understand that no politician can save them from tha trials and tribulations of life. This little blog is my avenue for trying to get some one to listen and understand that their life is their responsibility not the rest of the country’s.

The left has been all too successful at creating rights that don’t exist and victim groups where there is nothing to be a victim of.

By using simple good sense and solid reasoning maybe, just maybe, I can get a few people to look at this country and see the destructive path we are on.