easter-calendar-cross_full_widthI have not written for quite some time on this blog due to multiple personal and professional issues that have reared their ugly heads.  From serious family illnesses to serious business problems I have prayed daily for healing, courage and strength for all involved.

As I sat on the couch this Sunday morning (Easter Sunday) I picked up my Bible and just randomly opened it.  As God does for us at times he showed me exactly what I needed, John 20: verses 11 through 18.  This is where Mary Magdalene is weeping outside Jesus’s empty tomb. Where she speaks with two angels and Jesus appears to her. Telling her to “go find my brothers and tell them “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.””

The night before I had watched a TV documentary about a couple of intellectuals who believe they had found the burial site for Jesus’s family.  Including the container for His body.  Except they didn’t have that one.  These people spent years, money and effort to try and prove that “the christian God was only a man”.  I have to confess that I didn’t watch all of the show.  (I get way too angry with these over educated morons.)  The gist was that they had found boxes that contained the bones of Jesus’s family and had to fight legally to get one that was for his brother James.  To these people having all of these boxes linked to the same tomb meant that Jesus was only a man who died and was buried with his family.  But they did not have the box for Jesus nor many of the bones that were supposed to be in the boxes.  As usual the leaps they had to make to get to their conclusion were made out to be “scientific facts”.

Some how the simple act of opening the Bible and the few seconds it took for me to read those verses was far more powerful and meaningful than all the time, effort and money spent by the “intellectuals” attempting to disprove the truth.