The over the top garbage being spewed by the idiotic left has already gotten old.  These people that call every one that they disagree with Nazi’s have absolutely no idea what the Nazi’s did or who they were.

Absolutely no one has proposed or talked about or even floated an idea of limiting women’s “rights”.  The most egregious are the idiots claiming that black people will be put in chains again.    Just how stupid do they believe the American people are?

The more outrageous the claims the more obvious the reasons.  These people know that the left cannot fool people any more.  The leftist/socialist movements through out history gain and keep power via lies and/or force.  The lies aren’t working any more.  So the over the top claims meant to roil up the rioters has begun. I afraid that all too soon the easily manipulated under educated lefty in the streets will actually believe this garbage  and take it upon themselves to act.

Yes, they are already being paid to riot but at what point does it go too far?