The recent actions of the leftists democrats on the eve of the inauguration are despicable and dangerous.  From threats to performers who were invited to the idiotic group who is advertising on the internet that they are planning violence at the celebrations.  These morons are incapable of a reasoned thought.  Where do they learn that this behavior is OK?Do the universities and high schools teach this crap?!?  Unfortunately, that is likely.

The sixty six democrat senators that have decided not to attend the inauguration are doing nothing but grandstanding.  The worst of the worst is the moron (whose name is not worth repeating) calling the people of color visiting Trump “mediocre negroes”.  How do these low lives stay on TV?!?

Remember these are the people that accuse all conservative of being Nazi’s.  Never mind That the democrat party is the closest thing to the Nazi party in the world. For example, the fact that the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party of Germany. And like the Nazi’s the first action of these caring socialist democrat people was the government take over the healthcare system.  And like the Nazis it was about controlling the populace, not free healthcare.  The only difference is that the democrat party tried to hide it.  And made it way too convoluted and complicated.

These kind caring tolerant leftists disagree with the way this country was founded and are showing themselves to be the American hating socialist that they are.