Written in 1942 by Emmit Fox, reprinted in his book Make Your Life Worthwhile first published in 1946.

“Christmas has come around once more, and we find the nation passing through a time of great testing. Today the American people are called upon to prove their faith in God, and in those American principles which are written in our Constitution.

The response has been magnificent. Every section of the community has demonstrated its unshakable resolve to make every effort toward the great Victory that we know will be ours.

People do not speak of making sacrifices today, for they feel that to forego, temporarily, some of our liberties and some of our comforts, is a privilege and a high honor.

Above all, we who have the Jesus Christ teaching rejoice in the knowledge that we can help those we love with prayers; realizing that they who dwell in the secret place, abide in the shadow of the Almighty and around their loved ones.

Let us in the coming year keep the 91st Psalm very close to our hearts.”

Obviously, Mr. Fox was referring to WWII when talking about the test and the victory.

As we look around the world today, with Islam waging war all over the world. And the traitorous act by Obama in the UN. The world again is being tested. However, our victory is not so assured as so many around the world seem hell bent on destroying Israel and the US. Unfortunately, one of the political parties here in the US seems to agree with these anti-Israel, anti-US sentiments. The Democrats have purposely ignored the Constitution and the will of the people through out Obamas time in office.

Feeling privileged to forego comforts to win that victory seems almost a joke in today’s “give me more and I want it now” culture.  The left has been very successful in creating this entitlement culture.

Let’s hope that the great spiritual awakening happens very soon.