Deja Vu

I had actually started this blog approximately five years ago. My goal was to inject logical thinking into the public debates of the day.  But life happened and I was not able to spend the time and effort needed to write effectively.  My job at the time kept me very busy.   I have since retired, after thirty five years, took my life’s savings and opened a business.

I am a father, grandfather, business owner, employer and conservative that has had it with the leftists elites and their lecturing, name calling, whining, riots etc.

Somewhere along the last forty or fifty years our country has lost its ability to think logically. Or in some cases think at all.  This speaks to the success of the left and the politically correct movement.

I hope to inspire some thought and civil discussion (I know, if discussion is with a leftist – civility will be hard to find) on cultural, political and life topics from the perspective of an average every day American.

I have a degree in electronics and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. I worked for thirty five years with a large company.  Twenty years as a rank and file union member and fifteen years as management.  After seeing both sides of the political isle I can only say that one belief system works and one does not.  One system of belief leads to anger jealousy and hatred. The other leads to happiness, prosperity and fulfillment.  One leads to dependency on government the other leads to freedom.

Starting this blog again is a bit of deja vu all over again. (thanks Yogi)  But I believe the good Lord wanted me to have the experience of owning my own business to add the mix.

Matthew McIrvin