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He Has Risen

easter-calendar-cross_full_widthI have not written for quite some time on this blog due to multiple personal and professional issues that have reared their ugly heads.  From serious family illnesses to serious business problems I have prayed daily for healing, courage and strength for all involved.

As I sat on the couch this Sunday morning (Easter Sunday) I picked up my Bible and just randomly opened it.  As God does for us at times he showed me exactly what I needed, John 20: verses 11 through 18.  This is where Mary Magdalene is weeping outside Jesus’s empty tomb. Where she speaks with two angels and Jesus appears to her. Telling her to “go find my brothers and tell them “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.””

The night before I had watched a TV documentary about a couple of intellectuals who believe they had found the burial site for Jesus’s family.  Including the container for His body.  Except they didn’t have that one.  These people spent years, money and effort to try and prove that “the christian God was only a man”.  I have to confess that I didn’t watch all of the show.  (I get way too angry with these over educated morons.)  The gist was that they had found boxes that contained the bones of Jesus’s family and had to fight legally to get one that was for his brother James.  To these people having all of these boxes linked to the same tomb meant that Jesus was only a man who died and was buried with his family.  But they did not have the box for Jesus nor many of the bones that were supposed to be in the boxes.  As usual the leaps they had to make to get to their conclusion were made out to be “scientific facts”.

Some how the simple act of opening the Bible and the few seconds it took for me to read those verses was far more powerful and meaningful than all the time, effort and money spent by the “intellectuals” attempting to disprove the truth.


Trump Derangement Syndrome


The over the top garbage being spewed by the idiotic left has already gotten old.  These people that call every one that they disagree with Nazi’s have absolutely no idea what the Nazi’s did or who they were.

Absolutely no one has proposed or talked about or even floated an idea of limiting women’s “rights”.  The most egregious are the idiots claiming that black people will be put in chains again.    Just how stupid do they believe the American people are?

The more outrageous the claims the more obvious the reasons.  These people know that the left cannot fool people any more.  The leftist/socialist movements through out history gain and keep power via lies and/or force.  The lies aren’t working any more.  So the over the top claims meant to roil up the rioters has begun. I afraid that all too soon the easily manipulated under educated lefty in the streets will actually believe this garbage  and take it upon themselves to act.

Yes, they are already being paid to riot but at what point does it go too far?


The Kind, Loving and All Tolerant Left



The recent actions of the leftists democrats on the eve of the inauguration are despicable and dangerous.  From threats to performers who were invited to the idiotic group who is advertising on the internet that they are planning violence at the celebrations.  These morons are incapable of a reasoned thought.  Where do they learn that this behavior is OK?Do the universities and high schools teach this crap?!?  Unfortunately, that is likely.

The sixty six democrat senators that have decided not to attend the inauguration are doing nothing but grandstanding.  The worst of the worst is the moron (whose name is not worth repeating) calling the people of color visiting Trump “mediocre negroes”.  How do these low lives stay on TV?!?

Remember these are the people that accuse all conservative of being Nazi’s.  Never mind That the democrat party is the closest thing to the Nazi party in the world. For example, the fact that the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party of Germany. And like the Nazi’s the first action of these caring socialist democrat people was the government take over the healthcare system.  And like the Nazis it was about controlling the populace, not free healthcare.  The only difference is that the democrat party tried to hide it.  And made it way too convoluted and complicated.

These kind caring tolerant leftists disagree with the way this country was founded and are showing themselves to be the American hating socialist that they are.

Learning from History

Written in 1942 by Emmit Fox, reprinted in his book Make Your Life Worthwhile first published in 1946.

“Christmas has come around once more, and we find the nation passing through a time of great testing. Today the American people are called upon to prove their faith in God, and in those American principles which are written in our Constitution.

The response has been magnificent. Every section of the community has demonstrated its unshakable resolve to make every effort toward the great Victory that we know will be ours.

People do not speak of making sacrifices today, for they feel that to forego, temporarily, some of our liberties and some of our comforts, is a privilege and a high honor.

Above all, we who have the Jesus Christ teaching rejoice in the knowledge that we can help those we love with prayers; realizing that they who dwell in the secret place, abide in the shadow of the Almighty and around their loved ones.

Let us in the coming year keep the 91st Psalm very close to our hearts.”

Obviously, Mr. Fox was referring to WWII when talking about the test and the victory.

As we look around the world today, with Islam waging war all over the world. And the traitorous act by Obama in the UN. The world again is being tested. However, our victory is not so assured as so many around the world seem hell bent on destroying Israel and the US. Unfortunately, one of the political parties here in the US seems to agree with these anti-Israel, anti-US sentiments. The Democrats have purposely ignored the Constitution and the will of the people through out Obamas time in office.

Feeling privileged to forego comforts to win that victory seems almost a joke in today’s “give me more and I want it now” culture.  The left has been very successful in creating this entitlement culture.

Let’s hope that the great spiritual awakening happens very soon.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With all that has happened in 2016 the entire world will do well to remember why we celebrate Christmas and give thanks that we are still here.

Average Middle Class American Who is Fed Up with the Leftist Elite.

Deja Vu

I had actually started this blog approximately five years ago. My goal was to inject logical thinking into the public debates of the day.  But life happened and I was not able to spend the time and effort needed to write effectively.  My job at the time kept me very busy.   I have since retired, after thirty five years, took my life’s savings and opened a business.

I am a father, grandfather, business owner, employer and conservative that has had it with the leftists elites and their lecturing, name calling, whining, riots etc.

Somewhere along the last forty or fifty years our country has lost its ability to think logically. Or in some cases think at all.  This speaks to the success of the left and the politically correct movement.

I hope to inspire some thought and civil discussion (I know, if discussion is with a leftist – civility will be hard to find) on cultural, political and life topics from the perspective of an average every day American.

I have a degree in electronics and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. I worked for thirty five years with a large company.  Twenty years as a rank and file union member and fifteen years as management.  After seeing both sides of the political isle I can only say that one belief system works and one does not.  One system of belief leads to anger jealousy and hatred. The other leads to happiness, prosperity and fulfillment.  One leads to dependency on government the other leads to freedom.

Starting this blog again is a bit of deja vu all over again. (thanks Yogi)  But I believe the good Lord wanted me to have the experience of owning my own business to add the mix.

Matthew McIrvin

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